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December 8, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Announcing, “Take Two: Where do we go from here? How can we be WITH each other, again?” facilitated by our very own Katie McCleary, Class XIX Sr. Fellow, Host of ALF's and CapRadio's The Drive Podcast, and soon to be published

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Class XXV Fund-a-Scholarship

On behalf of the ALF-MVC board, we thank you for your generosity and commitment to ALF. During this time of great uncertainty we are truly grateful and humbled by the immense support from our ALF community. None of this could happen without our Fellows and Sr. Fellows coming together to support Class XXV. 
Together, we were able to raise $21,421.
Your contributions can help ensure that we are able to seat the best Class XXV ever and to offer scholarships to leaders that need it most to participate in our program. 
Scroll down below to see our list of donors.



  • Leonard Abbeduto (XXIII)
  • Kate Meis Wright (XX)
  • Sonbol Aliabadi (XII)
  • Clay Merrill (XX)
  • Twiana Armstrong (XXIV)
  • Judy Nagai (XXIII)
  • Janine Bera (XX)
  • Tamu Nolfo (XX)
  • Christi Black-Davis (XXIII)
  • Stacey Powell (XX)
  • Nancy Brodovsky (XIV)
  • Stella Premo (XIII)
  • Michelle Callejas (XX)
  • Jun Reina (XXI)
  • Bill Camp (VII)
  • Rachel Rosenthal (XX)
  • Lynne Cannady (XVII)
  • Tom Rotelli (XX)
  • Tim Ching (XX)
  • Chris Russell (XXIII)
  • Saori Choulos (XX)
  • Aimee Rutledge (XI)
  • Jeff Darlington (XX)
  •  Angela Schrimp de la Vergne (IX)
  • Michele Darling (XXIII)
  •   Stacey Shelnut-Hendrick (XXIV)
  • Karen L. Diepenbrock (VIII)
  • Genevieve Shiroma (VII)
  • Brian Dowd (XIV)
  • Francisco Silva (XX)
  • Charles Dukes (XXII)
  • Brad Simmons (XXII)
  • Jeff Ferreira-Pro (XX)
  • BJ Snowden (XXIII)
  • Mary Flores (XXI)
  • Tom Stallard (VII)
  • Stacie and Lucas Frerichs (XXII &XXIV)
  • Michael Stevenson (XXII)
  • Omar Gonzalez (XX)
  • Pamela Stewart (VIII)
  • John Gordon (XXII)
  • Kate Stille (XIV)
  • Larry Greene (XV)
  • Terrence Street (XV)
  • Julie Hanson (XIV)
  • Rochelle Swanson (XX)
  • Julie Hirota (XVII)
  • Erica Taylor (XX)
  • David Hosley (VII)
  • Renee Taylor (XVII)
  • Erin Johansen (XX)
  • Tina Treis (XVIII)
  • Lial Jones (VI)
  • Renee Taylor (XVII)
  • Rob Kerth (XX)
  • Shirlee Tully (IV)
  • Ken Larson (V)
  • Kim Tucker (XX)
  • Nancy Lee (XVIII)
  •  Martin Tuttle (VII)
  • Erica Manuel (XXIV)
  •  Michele Wong (VIII)
  • Len McCandliss (III)
  •  Kerry Wood (XXIV)

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