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December 13, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
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December 14, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
January 22 - 23, 2019
January 22 - 23, 2019
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2015 Sr. Fellows' Cohort Program

The Cohort Program creates a forum for ALF Senior Fellows to meaningfully connect with other Fellows beyond their individual classes to explore pertinent leadership concepts, dialogue, and the application of new learning in the class setting and discussion of leadership challenges in service to oneself, organization and community. 

Participant Outcomes

Remember your first year program, when you were sure you could not take a break from your busy lives, but quickly realized the value of days with your classmates? Consider how much that experience enriched your work, your family, your community, and perhaps still influences your world. It’s time to do that again. It is critical as leaders that we take time to renew. In fact, research shows that ignoring this wisdom comes at a hefty price. Read More

The Sr. Fellows' Cohort Program is based on the following pillars of leadership learning:

A. Collaboration for community change, coalition and trust building

  • Relationships of trust and understanding with diverse community leaders
  • Motivation to take personal responsibility for what happens in one’s community and the commitment to make a positive difference
  • Increased capacities and tools for effecting community change

B. Philosophical aspects of leadership

  • A deeper understanding of the nature of leadership
  • An enlightened understanding of community and regional issues

C. Personal Development

  • Increased capacities for personal growth
  • A greater understanding of self and others
  • Enrichment of personal values including courage, perseverance, integrity, generosity, justice and compassion

2015 Cohort Program 

The inaugural Cohort Program is almost finished and was well received by the current 36 participants. As Tom Stallard, Class VII, put it,"The Cohort Program is probably one of the most important things that ALF-MVC has done in recent years. It gives Senior Fellows the opportunity to bond with one another in relaxed settings built  around facilitated discussions of leadership topics. Kevin McCarthy and Susan Frazier inspire us at each session as they share new ideas and new ways of looking at leadership. These sessions also allow participants to rediscover the joy and intimacy of honest sharing and discovery. Cohorts is a wonderful antidote to the challenges we all face in daily life. Don’t miss it."

Cohort Facilitators

The facilitation team from the inaugural Cohort program will return, and be joined by Stella Premo, who is interning in the ALF program in 2015. Kevin McCarthy will lead the opening retreat and cutting edge learning with assistance from Susan Frazier. Susan and Stella Premo will facilitate the personal leadership stance sessions and the coaching circles.

2015 Program Description

The 2015 Cohort Program builds on current content from the first-year Fellows program with constant customization and enhancement. Participants will have the opportunity to connect, design, learn, and experiment through different exercises. From introspection and personal relationships to emergent change and systems leadership, course activities provide time and space for a spectrum of learning.

The program has four components that mirror ALF values; each has a goal but is in dynamic relationship with each other. The components are:




 1-night retreat at Harmony Ridge Lodge with internal and external learning. Facilitated by Kevin, Susan, and Stella

Personal Leadership Stance

 This is the inner journey into increased self-awareness and skills in working with others. These sessions will be half-day  sessions in homes. The format will be learning followed by small group discussion. Participants can choose from several  dates, so that over time they will have this experience with a wide variety of people.  Facilitated by Susan and Stella

Coaching Circles

 Small groups will form at the retreat, consisting of 4 or 5 people. Groups will self-select to work together, and be focused  on a topic/issue (or a certain intention, sector, geography, etc.) of their choice. They will stay with this group through the  year. The coaching group sessions will be half days, one set date a month so that the entire group can connect and  opportunities to share experiences across coaching circles will be provided. The coaching circles will be the opportunity to  have real world conversations focused on things people care about, but participants will be prompted to practice skills and  incorporate insights from the other sessions as they work through their topic. Facilitated by Susan and Stella

Cutting Edge Learning

 Full day sessions for digging into new learning about emergent change, systems, and social constructs and exploring cutting  edge theories that challenge assumptions. Facilitated by Kevin McCarthy.



The program will begin with a one-night retreat at Harmony Ridge Lodge in Nevada City. At the opening retreat you will have learning sessions with all Fellows who are in the Cohort program and the retreat will end with 7-minute stories. The remainder of the year will be a combination of large group sessions, held in Sacramento and led by Kevin, and times with small groups and coaching circles, facilitated by Susan and Stella. The dates for the 2015 Cohort program are:

 March 9-10   

 Opening Retreat 

 April 15 (12 - 4pm)     

 Small group – Leadership Stance    

 May 15  (9am - 1pm)    

 Coaching Circles 

 June 26  (8:30am - 4pm)

 Cutting Edge Learning    

 July 31 (9am - 1pm)     

 Small group – Leadership Stance     

 August 14  (9am - 1pm)           

 Coaching Circles    

 September 25  (8:30am - 4pm)  

 Cutting Edge Learning    

 October 22 (12 - 4pm)   

 Small group – Leadership Stance  

 November 20  (9am - 1pm) 

 Coaching Circles    

 December 18  (8:30am - 4pm)    

 Cutting Edge Learning  





The cost for the 2015 Cohort program is $1,500, inclusive of the opening retreat. We are offering any arrangement of payment plans that work best for you. For example, if paid monthly the fee is $150 per month (10 months). The commitment to participate is contractual, so payments will be due regardless of ongoing participation and no refunds will be issued. A limited amount of funds are available for scholarships; if you would like to apply for one please download a Cohort Scholarship Application and mail it to our office or email us (see below). 


A complete application includes a signed 2015 Sr. Fellows Cohort Program Attendance & Tuition Policies and Full Tuition Payment Proposal. Submit your completed forms to the ALF office by mail (1601 Response Rd, #350, Sacramento, CA 95815) or email (   

2014 Cohort gathering at the home of Jim Williams 


Change is just another name for learning, therefore, one might say, if you want to be more in control of your change, take your learning more seriously.  --- Charles Handy


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