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January 22, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Address: 575 University Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825
February 12, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
Join host Juan Barajas (Class XXIII) for lunch at the next Table of Eight at Savory Restaurant in Woodland. Remember - guests are responsible to pay for their own meal. Click here to reserve your spot ALF Tables of Eight is a program
February 26, 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Address: 575 University Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825
March 12, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Address: 575 University Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825
March 25, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Address: 575 University Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825

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 Survey Results

We conducted an online survey of ALF-MVC members with a 24% response rate (99 respondents from a total of 405). Below is a brief synopsis of the survey results.


Who we are…

Of the 99 respondents, there was a wide range of sectors represented under the current positions of fellows. The nonprofit sector had the largest representation at 19%, followed by corporate at 12%, law professions with 10%, and small business at 9%. The other responses included a mix of arts and culture, media and communication, agriculture and food, education, faith community, and several others. 4% reported that they were retired.

44% of respondents were female and 56% were male. 79% were white; 7% African-American; 7% Latino; 1% Asian; 1% Native American; and 4% reporting ‘other.’ Faith-wise 42% identified as Christian; 18% as other; 13% agnostic; 11% Jewish; and 10% declined to state.


ALF-MVC Impact

Several questions were designed to gauge the presence and level of impact ALF Fellows have in the region. Below is a summary of responses.

A majority of ALF fellows are in organizations, divisions, or departments with 19 employees or less with 20% between 0-4 employees, 19% between 5-9, and 16% between 10-19. ALF fellows oversee a combined amount of well over $250 million in annual budgets within their respective organizations, divisions, or departments (this amount only represents amounts listed by respondents, in which a large number of respondents oversee a budget, however did not list the amount). The organizations, divisions, and departments ALF fellows represent provided over 400 new jobs in 2013 and boasted a number of highlights and “points of pride” within their organizations, some of those highlights are listed below:

  • “Increasing services to those in poverty.”
  • “Sponsorship and passage of landmark legislation to meet the needs of families adopting children from foster care.”
  • “My department was responsible for giving over $500,000 to community-based organizations in Placer and Nevada Counties.”
  • “Arena baby.”
  • “We have graduated 60 beginning farmers from our program and of those, over 50 graduates are directly involved in farming.”
  • “Opened $6.6 million performing arts center without taking on debt.”
  • “Firm is recognized as one of the fastest growing law firms in the nation.”
  • “Created new STEM-based exhibit geared towards middle and high-school students.”

Additional questions focused on volunteer contributions and donations. ALF fellows serve on a wide range of boards from the Sacramento Convention & Visitor’s Center to the California Bicycle Association. A number of the boards were related to education including Drexel University Advisory Board, CSUS Alumni Association, UC Davis School of Education, Folsom Lake College Foundation, Jesuit High School Board of Trustees, and Cristo Rey High School. Other boards included faith-based organizations, chambers of commerce, foundations, and nonprofits. ALF fellows contribute vast amounts of corporate/professional donation, as well as in-kind and personal charitable contributions. The table below lists amounts of each; it must be noted that these amounts are only from the ALF Fellows who took the survey, so the amounts are likely quite underrepresented.


Corporate/professional donations

Value of in-kind donations

Personal charitable contributions

Over $5.1 million

Over $3 million

Over $400,000



ALF-MVC Experience and Engagement 

The questions regarding ALF engagement and experience included how fellows currently participate, how they would like to, what they have learned, and what impact ALF has had on their lives. Below is a summary of some of the data gathered.

When asked, “Over the past 12 months, in which of the following ongoing ALF activities have you participated in?” Class Interaction/Connection, the Exemplary Leaders Dinner, and Viewer of Studio Sacramento were the most common. When asked, “How would you like to keep engaged with ALF Fellows over the next 12 months?” respondents most commonly stated In individual ways, through Tables of 8, and ALF Affinity Groups. The graph below provides more detail on how fellows stated they would like to keep engaged over the next 12 months. The column labeled “specific purpose” refers to ALF programs developed for a specific purpose, e.g. sector (criminal justice, health); “issue based” refers to programs designed to collectively address an issue for the common good.


How ALF Fellow would like to keep engaged over next 12 months



When asked “Which content areas (in the first-year program) had some lasting effect on you and your life?” the areas most often chosen were the wilderness experience, 7 minute story/orientation retreat, dialogue and collaboration, and inner reflection and personal growth.

Fellows were asked “How did your view of “leadership” change after your ALF experience?” Below are some of the responses:

  • “Value of all styles of leadership and differing backgrounds and experiences.”
  • “Leaders to me now are the ones who actively listen and ask powerful questions.”
  • “Increased priority to use my leadership skills and resources for the benefit of the community.”
  • “Profound. It altered how I looked at community and my business resulting in dramatic changes in both.”
  • “By recognizing the depth of experience in everyone.”
  • “ALF intensified my perspective on servant leadership.”

The graph below displays how the ALF experience has affected certain areas using a scale of decreased, about the same, and improved.

How the ALF experience has affected…



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